Awards Program

Awards History

The Amver Awards Program was inaugurated in 1971 to recognize those vessels which regularly participate in the Amver system. Extremely favorable response from the merchant shipping industry around the world to the idea of annual Amver awards has ensured the continuance of the program.

Amver award materials provide worldwide exposure and favorable publicity for the program. Ships flying the various colored Amver pennants are a constant reminder on the oceans of that ship and company's commitment to safety at sea. Prominent display of Amver Certificates, found in company boardrooms, corporate office reception areas and on the bulkhead of a ship's bridge or wardroom, attest to the prestige accorded with these awards.

The Awards program also assists in retaining ships already participating in the program, and assisting in the recruitment of new ships by way of a tangible expression of appreciation.

The presentation of Amver awards serves as an instrument of our nation's foreign policy, as United States embassies and consulates around the world use the occasion to arrange a ceremony or reception to express the appreciation of the United States Government to government and industry officials of a host nation for the voluntary participation of its ships in this humanitarian program.

Similarly, U.S. Coast Guard District Offices in the United States use the occasion of an Amver awards presentation, either at the District Headquarters, or in conjunction with a local maritime exhibition, fair or professional event, to thank local shipowners for the support provided by U.S.-flag shipping.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Those vessels with at least 128 days on the Amver plot in a calendar year are eligible for an award.

  • Vessels that have continuous participation in Amver before and after a shipyard and/or lay up period not exceeding two years may receive credit for these periods for the purpose of satisfying requirements for consecutive multiple year awards, if the owner or master submits a request to the Amver Maritime Relations Office in New York within sixty days of the inactive period.

Award Materials

  • Each company with a ship eligible for an award receives a Letter of Appreciation signed by the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard, placed in an attractive folder with the Amver logo on the front.

  • A Certificate of Merit is produced for each individual ship of that company, embellished with the year of the award, ship's name and call sign, number of total awards, and the number of consecutive awards for that particular ship.

  • The appropriate color pennant is forwarded to the ship on the following anniversary years:

BLUE pennant for a vessel completing its first year of participation and being honored for the first time.

GOLD pennant for a vessel completing five consecutive years of eligibility for an Amver award.

PURPLE pennant for a vessel completing ten consecutive years of eligibility for an Amver award.

Special Awards

  • A ship completing fifteen years of consecutive Amver award eligibility will receive a wooden plaque in addition to the certificate and company letter.

  • A ship completing twenty years of consecutive Amver award eligibility will receive an engraved pewter-alloy plate. The outline of the plate is inscribed "20 Years," a blackened area is engraved with name and call sign of the ship and the years comprising the period of participation, and the legend:

    "Dedicated to the crews of (ship's information) for their commitment to
    their fellow mariners at sea -

  • A ship completing twenty-five years of consecutive Amver award eligibility will receive an acrylic globe with a plate in its base inscribed "25 Years," with the name and call sign of the ship and the years comprising the period of participation.

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